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Hi! I know everyone is talking about how they screwed up Arya's character on last night's GOT episode. I just wanted to hear your opinion on that?


Hi! <3

Well, truth be told, had you asked me pre-season 4 about Arya’s adaption in the show, I would have said that it was clear she wasn’t a favorite of D&D’s (though not the worst, looking at you Stannis,) and her character arc/characterization was messy (but not the worst, yet again.) After the major cuts and lightening in Harrenhal, some changes were bound to happen but still.

Now, after this season, I think it’s very obvious that D&D don’t give a crap about Arya and are content to absolutely wreck her character. She’s so messed up at this point, I don’t even want to know what they have planned.

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High atop the pulpit, Ser Ilyn Payne gestured and the knight in black-and-gold gave a command. The gold cloaks flung Lord Eddard to the marble, with his head and chest out over the edge.

"Here, you!" an angry voice shouted at Arya, but she bowled past, shoving people aside, squirming between them, slamming into everyone in her way[….]

A woman stumbled and Arya ran up to her back, cutting to both sides, but it was no good, no good, there were too many people[…]

And then a hand shot out of the press and close round her arm like a wolf trap, so hard that Needle went flying from her hand. Arya was wrenched off her feet…. "Don’t look!" a thick voice snarled at her. AGOT


We have to go get my mother.” […]

"Maybe you can. I’m not done living yet." He rode toward her, crowding her back toward the wayn. "Stay or go, she-wolf. Live or die. Your—"

Arya spun away from him and darted for the gate. The portcullis was coming down, but slowly. I have to run faster[…]

She heard loud splashing and looked back to see Stranger pounding after her, sending up gouts of water with every stride. She saw the longaxe too, still wet with blood and brains. And Arya ran[…]

His axe took her in the back of the head. ASOS

Sometimes I feel like crying over how Arya tried to save both of her parents’ lives but then I remember that thanks to this series I’m dead inside so I can’t.


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Btw I am still upset as hell over that little northern village that was raided by the wildlings LIKE none of them were trained warriors they were just smallfolk living their lives and taken completely by surprise

and like this is literally what the women of Bear Island successfully fight off on a regular basis all by themselves when their men are off fishing and shit

this is why Dacey Mormont plays with a morngingstar at the age that other girls are given dolls

this is why Maege Mormont is respected by the other northern lords

this is why Aly Mormont is called the She-Bear by her men and successfully leads them in battle

this is why Lyanna Mormont isn’t about to take shit from a Southron King who doesn’t know anything about what her family has to do to survive

here are your queens saying “lol I’ll keep my last name and fuck whoever I want and try to tell me anything different, see where that gets you.”

here are your queens destroying men in battle, then dancing at weddings or attending to household duties, moving between one and the other with ease.

please, tell me again how the Mormont women bring nothing to the narrative and are just irrelevant minor characters